Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What a tiring day

Oh my gosh, today reali such a tiring n exhausted day for me! For d 1st time In my working life, I work from d beginning of school till d end of school! For the 1st time I have to enter class for d whole 10 periods of school, thou 4 of them I at foyer not At class but I'm still working on d sudoku competition at foyer! I'm exhausted! I even can't have time to have a pee at toilet, wtf! Wat have u all done to me? Y me?
Then for d 1st time in my teaching life I reali shout at a class n marah them kau kau, Hahahah, I'm jus like a 38 woman, standing at d corridor, scolding students for not finishing my work n still fooling around outside of d class! My face reli so black, according to my colleague n students oso told her tat they never c me fat foh, Hahahah..u reli think I won be angry? I'm human oso mah!
Today reli so hack for me la, work nonstop plus kokum in d afternoon lagi, wtf! Only make teachers suffer yet students don like kokum at all....hai, government's law: ever student must spend more time in kokum, not only concentrate in academic! Shit, only make teacher suffer more! Luckily tml is a public holiday, can sleep more! Yeah!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm back!

Yeah! I'm back! Yes, don rub ur eyes look at d screen again, is me, cmy finally is back to blogger life!
Its reli been a long time since my last blog, so shame! N suddenly today I felt so strong n wanna back to blog bout MY life again, isn't it great? I'm hoping I can continue doing this everyday n when I'm old enuf, when I read back all my articles, I can refresh wat had happened to my life before, agree? Lol
Today was jus a ordinary day for me, work, tuition n going home, nothing special. Hoping Wednesday is coming, y? Coz holiday mag can rest again, hahaha... I'm
Become so lazy these few years of working, oways hope holiday will come n rest while still can get my salary, hehe!
Life hanging with my dear hubby oso as usual, he is lying on bed playing his phone again...hai, nothing special for him n I too...so it's my coming back article, knowing this is short but I will Ganbade on d next one! Jia you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a busy week~~

wish to have a post too since i saw a frenof mine post something on her blog n eventually change d template of her blog as well...she was having a stress life n that make me think of mine too..i have an extremely busy week, as Excel PMR jus ended, n as a f3 teacher, i have to mark all the papers in a less than a week time as d school rules said tat: teachers must return the test papers to students after 1 week from then last day of test/exam...gosh...reli so rush n i have so much to do in school...things never finish~~SHIT~thinking n thinking...all those busy stuffs are school works, none of them is my personal thing, that's bad, busy for work only, i not wish to become a work maniac...i wan a normal life only, i jus wan to go school on time, back home on time, not liek now, having to mark papers at home..that;s pity!cham~~

went to have my hair done this noon...wish to have a fresher look but i still look d same afterall...hahahaa...din do much change on my hair coz i was afraid to do so..as age increase, i like to remain things unchange, so that i won feel hard to cope with it strat from d beginning...old ppl's thinking, tat's bad...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


男生永远不懂,为什么女生会那么的依赖你,那是因为她把你当做她的唯一,最信赖的人。 男生永远不懂,为什么女生在你不给她打电话的时候会很生气,因为她想要听到你的声音,感觉你的疼爱。 男生永远不懂,女生为什么会爱生气,因为她只是想要你来哄她,回味你们之间的温存。 男生永远不懂,女生怎么那么爱吃醋,那是因为她爱你,而容不下一点你给其他女生的任何一点温柔。 男生永远不懂,为什么女生爱唠叨让你少抽烟,少喝酒,女生也知道那不可能,但是她担心你的身体。 男生永远不懂,女生怎么那么多的眼泪,那是因为她将所有的委屈都化做泪水,而把所有的温柔都留给你。 男生永远不懂,女生愿意为你东奔西跑、为你做很多事,只是因为爱你,而并不是为了显示自己比你强。 男生永远不懂,女生会在很晚的时候打电话给你,不是不信任你,只是突然很想你,想听听你的声音。 男生永远不懂,女生会想要知道你的一切,想为你分担事情,那是因为她只想要自己是你最亲密的人。 男生永远不懂,当分手来到时,女生那坚强的语言后面是多么伤的伤痛! 男生永远不懂,分手后女生不是不痛,而是痛到连看到你就会无法自拔! 男生永远不懂,女生的爱是那么深。一旦爱上就不能自已。隐瞒的那么深,不要带给你困扰!而自己哭泣! 男生永远不懂,女生的爱!女生的爱脆弱又坚强,不要欺骗玩弄感情。女孩狠起心来是不要命的。 男生永远不懂,当你说不爱她了。她不会缠着你。只要你快乐,她愿意放开你。 男生永远不懂,女生在分手后那笑的背后有了多少的悲痛! 如果爱,请深深的爱她,对她负责,给她一生幸福。如果不爱,请不要享受她的独爱,放开她,让别的男人来给她幸福。不要挥霍爱情,爱情挥霍完了,就会挥霍了她的生命。

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a boring day

yes, its a boring day...woke up at 12.45...hahahaa, don be shocked, coz im shock too...its been a long time tat i din sleep for so long dy. feel so nice, but too bad, coz nothing left for me to eat, so i have to cook maggie for myself, then stick with the tv for the whole noon again, then finally, i have finished watching 宫心计, feel so good...then went to yoga, after 1 week of relaxing...my bone so hard dy, hahahaa....cant reli stretch so much during d yoga, have to spend more time in doing this again...today is jus a normal day..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

kk...im coming

yeah yeah yeah...another 6 hours, then i will start my journey to kk lor...wait me kk...im coming...hahahaha....its been a long time din go kk lor...act, it was jus around half a yr only la, i was in kk last harvest...hai, miss d time going shopping mah..but this time, shopping is not d main point for me, jus wan to go relax a bit after half yr of stress in working n everything...Kian oso feel d same, he was facing so much stress recently, from his superior n working oso not so smooth like b4..hope this trip can bring energy to both of us n for sure, need to throw all those unhappy things behind during this 3 days of holidays...yeah yeah..kk, im coming lor...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2nd day of holiday=working day

yupe...it is my working day today..went to a kursus Probim anjuran PPD at SMK Sandakan 2 this morning, d surat panggilan written, masa: 7.30 am - 4.30 pm...so, i became a guai guai teacher, woke up early early n reach ter sharp 7.30am, but guess wat...i waited for 35 minutes only those in-chage ppl showed up...reli...government servant's service so so good, oways serve ppl smart..hai..wat a...
it was such a boring course, but yet, some of d idea given reli can apply in teaching in d future lor, still got learnt something la, but...d course ended at 5.05pm..yupe, i spent 9 hours n 35 minutes on d course...n i learnt only a bit useful ways to teach weak students...hai...n during my course, i used some of my time chatting with fren...n able to surf tickets to Bangkok next yr...planning a DIY trip reli headache, coz i dunno where should i stay or where must i ter when in B..so i msg yung yung, ask him to ask his mum for a cheap n nice hotel where is near d town n convenient to tourist like me...who reli dunno to plan something perfectly..so, yung yung, if u able to read this, remember to help me ask ur mum or when u in B now, help me do some research so that i won miss out any tourist attractions when i reli able be in B oh..ok?